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Carlo Silvio is an award-winning San Francisco-based filmmaker, writer and editor. His body of work includes feature-length films, documentaries, multi-platform original programming, and corporate content for Fortune 500 companies. Carlo has a passion for storytelling through raw cinematic visuals and powerful narratives. 

For more than 20 years, Carlo’s projects have taken him around the world from the jungles of Guatemala to remote areas of Alaska to the mines of South Africa. He’s documented everything from Eskimos’ lives in the Bering Strait to complex transportation systems in Dubai and Brazil. He’s filmed in hundreds of kitchens from prestigious James Beard winners to the rawest urban BBQ joints. 

Carlo is just as happy working as a one-man band, dropped into the middle of nowhere, as he is running a large crew with a single mission in mind.

Contact Carlo at or 415.377.0124


Recent Work


source:wild is a cooking and hunting show like no other. Focused on promoting urban participation in the outdoors with an emphasis on food and conservation. Source:Wild is a federally recognized 501c3 organization, as well. Here is the teaser for the upcoming series that i filmed and edited.

I had such a wonderful time working with Madrone up in Mendocino. I shot and edited this piece for the forward thinking cannabis collective.


I can't let you leave this page without seeing "The Day of Gluttony." Again with Harry and Jen of Double H and for Tastemade, we shot 10 episodes (in 10 cities!) of this most challenging adventure. Harry and Bruce have to eat at 24 restaurants in 24 hours. Here's Austin's turn. My stomach hurts with memories. Click here for more!

Working with Matt Barkin and Vibrant Films, I shared shooting duties with Michael Spranger to create this great action-adventure piece for Beartooth.


I love working with Harry and Jennifer at Double H Production. Here's a 16 part series for BabyCenter and Huggies Diapers. This is the first video I shot and edited, "How to change a diaper like a pro." OMG, the cuteness. See more HERE!

Fluor Corporation has been a great client for a few years now. The videos i shoot and edit for them with Long Productions are always fascinating and take us to extreme situations. Here's the video I made for their annual innovation meet up, Innovation Unwrapped. 


Kitman Labs flew me to Austin to shoot the XFL combine for their amazing tool that keeps players healthy and in the game. I shot and cut this fun piece.

Working with Tonx/Blue Bottle in Guatemala was a blast! I shot this piece with the team traveling from old growth coffee farms to community co-op farms high up in the mountains. 


Can you believe REI gave us all their new gear to try out at Lake Donner?!? This was a fun piece i shot to show off REI's new product line.

Pearl Izumi makes amazing bike-wear. I’m a huge fan. We shot in the hills of NorCal to make this piece. I had a ton of fun working on this. The drone work was a blast, too!


I edited this steamy music video for NYC's The Brittanys. 

Gotta love the retro 90's camera techniques I used for this music video I shot and directed for Churches.  


I worked with Octane Design in Detroit to produce this video for Luca Mariano Distillery. We travelled to Kentucky to film their whiskey-making process and tell their story.

Marsha has the top show on Hong Kong TV. Rick is an internet cooking superstar. The network brings them together for the greatest cooking show ever. This feature-length musical I shot in Hong Kong is coming to the small screen in 2018!


Zmodo Pivot is a very cool device that is an Amazon Alexa on steroids. I shot this for Vibrant Films. Had so much fun making the matching slider moves. 

Again working for BabyCenter, I shot 9 videos teaching baby and child nutrition. 


Working with Vibrant Films in San Francisco, we created a teaser for Kitty Hawk, a Larry Page company, for something you have to see to believe.

Working with Chef Bruce Hill, owner of Bix and Zero Zero, we put together 10 recipe videos for his amazing tool, The Chef’s Press. Here is Salmon.

Don't Call it Frisco is a comedy show that follows a Boston transplant while he tries to adjust to his weird new life in San Francisco. I'm a writer, director and editor on this series. Here's Episode 2. One of my favorites. Go here for more!

I co-wrote and shot this fun backgrounder on our Angry Yoga Teacher character in Don't Call it Frisco.

Another fun backgrounder i co-wrote and shot Don't Call it Frisco. Danny is your co-worker on on Acid!


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